Friday, October 29, 2010

Wicked Lasers Artic Hand-held Laser!! YOU'LL SHOOT YOUR EYE OUT KID!

Artic Laser

How would you like to own the most powerful handheld laser in the world?

Using Diodes harvested from high end A/V equipment, this blue wonder is no joke.  Any exposure to an eye would immediately cause significant irreversible damage.  Shoot it in the sky and hit inadvertently hit an aircraft - you ARE going to jail.

Swap it for your office mate's laser pointer before his big TPS report presentation, and chuckle until you soil yourself.  (no, seriously, don't do that.  Though it would be funny.  Until you were caught and best)

MaximumPC did a really good review of the Artic  check it out.  If you have one, be sure to COMMENT BELOW on your blue light shenanigans.

An make sure you buy 'laser proof' safety goggles too...not like they are going to help.

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Schott NYC Rocks the Stars Backstage at the 25th Anniversary Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Concert


Music legends and A-list stars were swaying to the tunes backstage from Bono to the Boss at the Official Talent Gift Lounge during the “25th Anniversary Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Concert” held in Madison Square Garden, New York City, which featured two revolutionary once-in-lifetime concerts celebrating such a momentous anniversary. Not only were they involved in such a historical event but they walked away with top-notch, luxurious gifts as well.

Schott NYC Outerwear

While picking out a cool black wool jacket from Schott NYC, Tom Hanks shared with onlookers “Where were you when I was poor? I have enough money to buy anything in the world, but nothing pleases me more than getting a free coat!” Fergie of the Black Eyed Peas scooped up a Schott NYC black leather bustier, held it up to her chest and declared “I love it and can’t wait to rock-it!” Taboo of the Black Eyed Peas spotted a Schott NYC one-of-a-kind vintage green leather jacket, slipped it on, said “Perfect!” and left wearing it! Bonnie Raitt with her famous silver-streaked hair while choosing a classic Schott NYC black leather biker jacket exclaimed “I already feel bad-ass!” “Gossip Girl” hottie Penn Badgely had some issues with his dry, tired eyes. Once they cleared up with the help of some drops he gazed at and scooped up a rare, vintage blue leather Schott NYC jacket! David Crosby loves stuff made in t USA or more specifically, New Jersey! While the gray-haired rocker chose a black leather peacoat he learned that the coat was made in Jersey, with a wide grin he said “I love the f—k out of that!” Jackson Browne shared that his girlfriend told him that for his birthday he needs to buy himself a new jacket. Birthday wishes do come true — The “Dr. My Eyes” rocker left with the perfect gift, a Schott NYC military-inspired jacket! Mark Indelicato of “Ugly Betty” chose a Schott NYC black leather bomber jacket with a removable collar, while trying it on he said “I love this, my friends are gonna be so jealous…and it’s multi-functional.”

Schott NYC Outerwear: For nearly a century, Schott NYC has been a manufacturer of sportswear and outerwear best known for its iconic motorcycle jacket. From The Boss to Kid Rock and legendary performers like The Ramones, a myriad of musicians have donned Schott!
Be sure to visit Schott NYC on Facebook

Words lifted from Lanee Neil at (it's not)

Disturbingly Cool "Big Head" Papercraft Halloween Costume - 3D Face Costume - Gizmodo

Disturbingly Cool "Big Head" Papercraft Halloween Costume - 3D Face Costume - Gizmodo

Inspired by the big head mode in retro video games, Eric Testroete created this trippy papercraft self portrait for Halloween last weekend. The geometric look uses 370 individual paper triangles, and here's how he did it:

The first step was to model his face in 3D Studio Max. After overlaying a wireframe, he added textures in Mudbox 2010 and Photoshop CS3, before using software called Pepakura to break the model up into printable sections. The effect is genuinely impressive, and he's posted a full run-down on the process:
[Eric Testroete via Adam Savage and BoingBoing]

Monday, February 05, 2007

Christini AWD250X AWD Motorcycle finished the Dirt Rider 24 hour torture test Flawlessly

Christini AWD Motorcycles Continue to Dominate

The 24 Hour torture test is an annual event hosted by Dirt Rider Magazine in which entrants run their machines over a closed course for a continuous 24 hour period, stopping only for routine maintenance, fuel, and to change riders. This years event was a test of 250 4-stroke machines. Each manufacturer was allowed to enter one stock and one modified bike. The Christini was run as a class by itself.

The Christini Team included Joe Giordano, Ben Smith, P.J. Cossman, Evan Yarnall, Scott Wynn and was anchored by company President Steve Christini. The event took place at the Hungry Valley SVRA in Gorman, CA January 20-21. The course consisted of a 23 mile loop (or a 16 mile cut-off) through the mountains and valleys of Southern California. The weather was cold and sunny most of the day, and the rain the previous weekend made for some spectacular conditions.

A cold rain fell during most of the night leaving much of the trails a greasy, muddy mess...the perfect conditions to show off the unique capabilities of the Christini AWD System. Editors from Dirt Rider Magazine each got to ride and evaluate the machines through a variety of terrain. The Christini was a huge hit with everyone who rode it.

Shortly after 10:00am Wednesday morning, the Christini AWD250X crossed the line completing a grueling 24 hour test without mechanical incident.

Check out Christini's AWD Mountain Bikes and some great videos of AWD in action at

Friday, February 02, 2007

Cyber Villans Leto Morbus and Kasia Magilakutty Arraigned after Unsuccessful & Unmemorable Crime Spree


Undisputed cyber- villains Leto Morbus and Kasia Magilakutty (aka Kiki Shogunate) are finally apprehended after a world wide drag-net leading an Elite Government Task Force on a 1,200 mile chase through 12 countries, and the Republic of Togo.

Charges levied against the special duo are for crimes as innocuous are they are perplexing. Ranging from 'Charming a Garden Hose in a New Delhi plaza without a License", to de-tagging all of the mattresses in a Hong Kong 'Sleepy's', the team has left the world guessing, "but...why?"

Mr. Morbus, charged with one of the more serious crime's of "stealing candy from a baby", had this to say:

"Darn you LouHead! - We had nothing to do with the the Charges against Ms. Santangelo or Harry Potter and that Slut Horse!"

His accomplice Ms. Magilakutty was unavailable for comment; and is being held without bail for a prior crime involving a Blind Man, Some Ping Pong Balls, and a Gold Fish Bowl; further details on this heinous, yet similarly perplexing crime will follow as they are available.

Thursday, February 01, 2007

New York Teen Sues Record Industry

From 1010 WINS: NY Teen in Piracy Lawsuit Accuses Record Companies of Collusion

The continuing story of the Santangelo family and thier defense from a RIAA suit (background here). After the case against his mother was dropped, young Robert Santangelo has begun a countersuit against Electra Records claiming the recording industry "...are a cartel acting together in violation of antitrust laws..."

The staff at LouHead wish the Santangelo family the best of luck.

Rumor has it that this whole mess is Leto Morbus's fault !

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Friday, August 25, 2006

FairUse4WM cracks Windows Media DRM

Score one for the Little Guy.

From the 'Ha, Ha' file. A neat little program that strips DRM from Windows DRM Files.

The geeks at Engadget tested it sucessfully on Napster Subscription - DRM protected Music files. Read the article and Download it while you can.:

FairUse4WM cracks Windows Media DRM - The Digital Music Weblog

Friday, August 18, 2006 Buy your GEEK Supplies.

United Nuclear - Scientific Supplies

Read the WIRED article about how the pinko, left-wing, anti-science, over-regulate, ba$tards are trying to shut down bastions of hope for the science education of our children such as No wonder the US now ranks 13th in the world for science education (behind Tibet).

So what if you want to buy 37 lbs of potassium perchlorate for 'personal use'? Besides, this is the only site I've found to buy Radioactive Uranium Marbles.

The article also talks about two Geek Movement Founding Fathers: Mr. Wizard and Bill Nye the Science Guy.